The F&C Investment
Trust Lecture

with Professor Yuval Harari

21 March 2018

The Guildhall
Gresham St

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In March 2018, the world's first collective investment fund will be 150 years old. To mark this occasion, we are delighted to bring to the stage one of the world's most influential and insightful authors: Professor Yuval Harari. Yuval's books have taken the world by storm. In Sapiens, he explores the history of mankind; and in Deus he turns his attention to the future: where might the immense power of mankind take us next?


Professor Yuval Harari

Lecturer and best-selling author

Yuval's research primarily focuses on key macro-historical questions, in his international bestseller Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, he explored what has made homo sapiens the most successful species on the planet. In his latest book, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow, he examines the projects, dreams and nightmares that will shape the 21st century, from overcoming death to creating artificial life.

Paul Niven

Fund Manager, F&C Investment Trust

The F&C Investment Trust has had only three fund managers over the past four decades. Paul Niven was appointed in 2014 after 18 years with F&C (now BMO Global Asset Management). Paul sets the Trust's investment policy, asset allocation and levels of gearing, and is supported by a team of investment professionals. The entire team contribute to ensure the Trust is doing everything it can to grow our clients' capital and income.

Eliza Filby

Writer, academic & broadcaster

Eliza specialises in contemporary values; her current research project focuses on Millennials and the complex intergenerational landscape now dominating politics, work and the marketplace. Eliza consults with a number of large businesses on how to market and manage Generations Y and Z. She is a founder of Grad Train, a business designed to help graduates make the transition from university to the workplace. She has also written for The Times, Guardian, Telegraph and Spectator and appeared on Fox News, Sky News, LBC, Radio 4's World at One and BBC's Daily Politics.



Afternoon tea


The Lecture:

The history of investing for the past 150 years
Paul Niven – Fund manager of the world's oldest investment trust, F&C Investment Trust

The future of mankind
Professor Yuval Harari – Acclaimed author

How can we engage the next generation of investors?
Eliza Filby – Millennials expert




The venue for this prestigious event is the Guildhall – London's City powerhouse since the 12th century. From the gothic grandeur of the Great Hall to the largest surviving medieval crypts in London, the Guildhall is steeped in history and will provide a fitting backdrop for our journey into the past, present and future.